Our Mission

Our Mission

What We Do

Habitat for Humanity of Missoula is a non-profit, ecumenical housing ministry dedicated to the elimination of poverty housing in our community and throughout the world. We do this through family partnerships that build simple, decent, affordable homes for those living in substandard housing. We sell these homes to the families at cost, with no interest or profit, allowing us to make the houses affordable while educating the community about poverty housing and its resounding effects.

Each of our partner families who are selected to build and buy a home contribute 500 hours of “sweat equity” to help construct their home and the homes of others. Some of those hours are spent in homeownership training classes and special events, but most are spent on the construction site. Habitat also fosters community integration by bringing together volunteers from all walks of life to build our homes. Hundreds of volunteers work thousands of hours each, year side-by-side with our partner families.

How We are Financed

Habitat for Humanity Missoula is financed solely through donations from individuals, clubs, churches, businesses, and agencies; grants from private foundations; in-kind donations from local and national companies; and house payments recycled to build more homes. No government money is used for construction.

How Families are Selected

Families are selected after a lengthy, detailed, nondiscriminatory process which includes applications, interviews, and home visits. For more information on how final selections are made, please visit our "Become a Homeowner" page by clicked the button below.

How Missoula Benefits from Habitat

Not only does Habitat for Humanity Missoula provide families with clean, decent, safe and affordable homes while breaking the cycle of poverty, but we also improve the appearance and value of the local community. Additionally, all materials used for the build projects are purchased locally, putting money back into the community and small businesses. Our volunteers and donators also gain valuable experience and learn new skills while gaining the satisfaction they are helping local families have a new sense of worth.